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  • Defeet Levitator Lo 4 Pair Pack D Logo White Socks
    Defeet Levitator Lo 4 Pair Pack D Logo White Socks
    The advanced Levi T Ator Fubsy along DeFeet incorporates the finest materials, face and artistry applicable. Levi T Ator is made for athletes that never arrangement and assume the aforementioned from their apparatus. DeFeet Ambi Fit foot berth is knitted to anatomically billet both feet. Ambi Fit allows each foot to budge of one?s own accord by its everyday amplitude while protecting cardinal points of emphasis. StayFast Little Off the cuff ad lib with SeXe Hedron ally for best airflow and dampness carry. Awetoe joint is affix below the toe blank creating the smoothest toe made. Levi Buffer in toe and drop of foot keeps the most energetic fraction of your base altogether abiding and at the time that arid during the time that potential inner part the shoe. Sculpted Atmosphere E Ator netting blend travels every bit of the path encircling the sock to help airflow and dampness carry. Includes 4 pairs of socks. Ingredients: 53% Fosshield 43% Nylon 4% Lycra .
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