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  • Diabetic Shoe Brands

    11 October 2007

    For people who suffer from diabetes, wearing a certain type of shoe known as diabetic shoes is important for proper diabetic foot care. Diabetic shoes should have a wide shank area to accommodate a diabetic foot. These shoes help redistribute pressure points and are more suitable for people who have diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes and do not know what shoes to buy, some brands you should look at are Aetrex, Brooks, Drew, Etonic, Instride, and New Balance.

    Aertrex shoes such as the Ambulator rand are designed with the needs of diabetics in mind. Building ultra-light boots that are designed for comfort and to ensure protection against various foot deformities, these shoes are well suited for a person with diabetic conditions. To guard against things such as swelling, these shoes are designed with 3 removable insoles that adjust to heat and pressure for a perfect fit.

    Brooks diabetic shoes are great at absorbing shock and preventing the feet from damage. This reduces the chances of swelling and deformities brought on by diabetes. Made with high-density carbon-rubber and extra cushioning for durability, these shoes are great for diabetics who like to take long walks every day.

    Etonic shoes are made with trampoline action insoles and compression molded Eva-lite for comfortable walking. The removable insoles and the roomy design greatly helps pressure-sensitive areas around the foot. Made with comfort in mind, these shoes are great for casual walkers and joggers.

    Instride shoes are made to fit a diabetic foot perfectly with three removable insoles and a polyurethane bottom. These shoes also have shank support for stability and a pre-molded counter for extra stability in the heel area. Instrides are great diabetic shoes for casual wear.

    New Balance diabetic shoes features polyurethane outsoles and Dri-Lex quarter lining to keep the foot cool and dry. They also have a full grain leather upper to ensure maximum comfort and air flow for walking. The soft fit and the seamless  interior makes this shoe a great choice for diabetics.

    Each of these brands has features in their shoes to suit the diabetic foot. All of these brands also sell diabetic insoles and socks to match their footwear. If you suffer for diabetes, don't take a chance with your feet, get diabetic shoes now!