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  • Apparel businesses grow

    25 April 2007

    After 100 years in the footwear employment, New Balance sees apparel as the main key to its growth. "We consider apparel is where we occupy the greatest opportunity now," chairman and central official administration executive Jim Davis said. "It is an embarrassingly little lot of our profession, and we handle we have a portion of future there." "Our end is for apparel to evolve into connected with 10 to 12 percent of the profession near 2008, and in the longer compass, ideally, it would a lot more than that," Davis said.

    The company has also worked hard to focus on fit, and has started offering more products that have a fuller silhouette that can be worn by women of different shapes and ages. At the same time, it is working to differentiate its products from other companies' by creating special looks, such as "phantom pants" for running that are designed to feel weightless. In footwear, it has been developing high-tech styles that reflect market trends; Nike and Adidas also recently have introduced high-performance footwear designs with high price tags. New Balance also has been devoting more resources to create products specifically for women.

    One  key to the company's eminence is its conclusion to control some domestic manufacturing. While hardly any bulky able-bodied companies are achievement any denoting manufacturing in the U.S. anymore, New Balance does concerning 25 percent of its manufacturing here and has instituted lean sourcing processes to be left ambitious with foreign producers. That cipher refers to footwear, since none of the apparel is made in this homeland.

    While able-bodied firms such as Challenger, Danskin and even Nike instantly keep products in the mass channel, New Balance has no plans to amplify in that administration, and is keeping its allotment in the channels in which it has constitute ascendancy, namely specialty amusement chains like FootLocker and Finishline, during the time that well during the time that brood shoe stores and some specialty chains, containing Nordstrom.